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Our museum collection was started in the 1960s when the then Premier of Russia, Mr Khrushchev, sent a wooden nesting doll to a young collector and her mother, Mrs Margaret Munday.

This motivated the Munday family to collect antique dolls and toys and in 1974, our museum was created.

The Lilliput Doll & Toy Museum now holds over 2000 items, dating from 2000BC to 1950 including a number of unique and rare exhibits and well-known cartoon characters from the past.

There is something of interest here for all the family.

Nesting Doll: The Lilliput Doy and Toy Museum

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Fantastic Displays To See

Fantastic Displays To See

“This is one of the best private collections of antique dolls and toys we have seen”

– BBC Antiques Roadshow

Well Over 2,000 Items

German Bisque Head Toddler Doll: Lilliput Doll and Toy Museum

A German Bisque Head Toddler Doll with subtle colouring which dates from circa 1920.

Originally made by Simon & Halbig; these are now collectibles.

Meet “Googlie”

Googlie: A Strobel & Wilken Doll: Lilliput Doll & Toy Museum

Founded in 1884, Strobel & Wilken distributed toys and many other interesting and fancy goods.

After World War I, when trade resumed in Europe, they distributed German made bisque head dolls such as “Googlie”

A Unique Experience

Mechanical Working Doll: The Lilliput Doll and Toy Museum


A mechanical working doll marked:- “Patented July 15th, 1862 in the USA also in England.

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The Story of “The Wax Doll”

Read the tragic story of how The Wax Doll ended up here…

The Wax Doll: The Lilliput Doll & Toy Museum

This wax doll was made in the late 1860s and owned by a little girl called Lillias. She was a descendent of Sir Walter Scott and lived in Draycott Manor, Derbyshire.

Unfortunately, in 1875 at the age of 11 years old, Lillias died of Scarlet Fever, at that time a deadly, contagious disease. Her parents ordered the servants to burn all her clothes and belongings to prevent the disease spreading to the rest of the family and the Head Gardener threw everything onto the blazing bonfire.

The gardener’s young son, who had been Lillias’ friend and companion, saw this doll on the edge of the bonfire and retrieved it before it was too badly burnt in the flames. He kept the doll in the same condition as it was found, with scorch marks and some damage, in remembrance of Lillias, and it has been passed down through his family until some years ago it was donated to this Museum.

Like the young boy, we have respected the family’s wishes and left the doll untouched.

The Story of “Rags the Dog”

Read the remarkable story of how Rags ended up here at Lilliput…

This soft toy dog was made in the 1920s and bought as a present for a little boy. It became his favourite toy and he named the dog “Rags”.

Rags went everywhere with this boy and when World War II was declared, the boy, now in his late teens, joined the RAF; Rags joined too.

Rags quickly became the plane’s trusty mascot. At a time when the next mission could be your last, this “Mascot” had great significance to the aircrew as a morale booster.

Happily both airman and mascot survived the War to live to a good age, and as Rags had such sentimental value, he was donated to this Museum by the airman’s family.

Rags the Dog: The Lilliput Doy and Toy Museum

A Fantastic Timepiece

Find out what the Protype Gyro Cycle is…

Gyro-Cycle: The Lilliput Doy and Toy Museum

This clockwork toy was the brainchild of a brilliant aeronautic engineer, Dr. Hubert Charles Henry Townend, who invented the “Townend Ring” in 1929, a device used to reduce drag.

What You Can Expect To See

Widely exhibited on BBC and on ITV, the Museum now has many unique and rare toys and exhibits, including some well-known cartoon characters of the past.

Popeye: The Lilliput Doll & Toy Museum


Muffin the Mule: The Lilliput Doll & Toy Museum

Muffin the Mule

Hornby: The Lilliput Doll & Toy Museum

Hornby Display

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The Lilliput Doll & Toy Museum is located in the ancient town of Brading on the Isle of Wight.

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